Photos from the studio & Claytek events

A great view from the wheel, & Dairn threw a really big pot!

The raku kiln, opened up with our red hot pieces, ready to be carried (with tongs) to the pit where they will be smothered then cooled.

This is the pit where we place the hot pieces, in little nests of newspaper & other combustibles, (which instantly ignite when the red hot pieces touch them), then we smother them by covering them up with metal cans.

Beautiful pieces on display at one of our sales.

Thanks to Tamara Paulin, one of our wonderful members, for the following 14 photos.

Olympia is coning & compressing her clay on the wheel.

A view of the seawall behind Tamara's large bowl.

A few of Allysha's (instructor & artist in residence) demos in the Beyond Beginner Wheel class.

Members' pieces drying on the shelves between stages

Members pieces after being bisque fired awaiting glaze.

More bisque fired pieces...

Glazed pieces awaiting their final firing.

Lovely mugs for sale in our gallery (which is open whenever the studio is). Don't forget to come to our Spring & Xmas sales!

Critters by Leslie (Hand-building teacher) & Patty Galamb

More of Leslie's cute critters

This fellow has life in him doesn't he?

Yes, you can make jewelry out of clay too!

More of our gallery.